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Located on a farm in Valley Springs, South Dakota, Rebekah Scott’s studio keeps her rooted to her loves – both her purses and her four growing tots. By keeping her heart close to home, she’s been able to keep her home close to her heart. Rebekah’s team is a woven fabric of creative moms and women who desire to stay at home. Rebekah remains at the helm – designing purses, creating new accessories, and sewing bags, with little ones discovering near by. Rebekah’s entrepreneurial spirit flows naturally and contagiously from her heart. Rebekah organizes accountability groups for female entrepreneurs and shares inspirational videos to encourage women in their own desires. Toting a tot on one hip and a rocking purse on the other, Rebekah Scott is ready for life’s next project! Her latest adventure, The Encourager podcast, aims at encouraging other women, aspiring to create an income for their family while being an active parent in their children’s lives. Each episode will focus on the various aspects of Rebekah’s family and business life, how they coexist, how she stays sane, and how she finds joy in each day.
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Oct 15, 2018

At the height of her business, Alison Werder made the difficult decision to dissolve her subscription style service and used her wisdom and resources around her to pivot into several new opportunities. She talks about getting honest about letting go and how that can give freedom to you and everyone around you!

Oct 8, 2018

Beauty Queen, Jill Turbak, has struggled with anxiety and depression since she was young. She attempted suicide at age 13 and since becoming Mrs. South Dakota International, she has taken on a subject that is very important to me - mental health. She is lifting the shame stigma on talking, reaching, and equipping us to better understand the trouble of those suffering.

Oct 1, 2018

Everything starts with a dream… a vision… and a simple step. ACTION. I think “action” is simple and has been VERY important to me in my personal life and in my business, Rebekah Scott Designs. I just KNOW how to take action. And guess what… you can do it too! It’s just one foot in front of the other. Let’s go!

Sep 24, 2018

If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt, procrastination, anxiety, or feeling stuck, you are not alone! I, myself, have sought counseling from my wonderful guest, Rebecca Wiener. As a hypnotist and coach, Rebecca helps determined, driven, high-performing women (like us) get past what is making us feel stuck and helps us feel limitless!

Sep 17, 2018

Jeremy Brown, CEO of Throne Publishing Group, is the guy who helped me write and publish my book, “Equipped to Execute.” He and his team are extremely passionate about telling people’s stories and he’s joining me to talk about the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations and how to instill identity in your children by living YOUR OWN. Don’t miss this powerful episode!

The 3rd episode of my podcast was titled “Leaving a Legacy the Simple Way” and it’s one of the most downloaded episodes EVER! I wanted to take a deeper dive into the concept of legacies so I called in the perfect guest, Jeremy Brown.

In order to leave a legacy, Jeremy said you must:

  • Know who you are… Ask yourself “What is my story?”
  • Identify patterns, roles, and situations that repeat (it’s helpful to have another person involved in this process)
  • Ask yourself good questions like “How do I want to be remembered?”
  • Pick 4 words that represent who you are and the legacy you want to leave). The most powerful way to instill identity in your children is to live your own identity!
  • Speak affirmations/prayers/declarations out loud and realize the power of your words! (For more on this subject, check out my earlier podcast episode called “The Power of Words”!)

In order to give future generations of my family the best chance to succeed, you must:

  • Be who you truly are (and know your identity)!
  • Integrate into the world of your child and positively affirm their strengths and uniqueness (and as early as possible)!
    • Tell them things you love about them.
    • Find out what they like and encourage them in it.
    • We should follow our kids in the way God is leading them… not try to mold them into what WE think is best.
  • Let your kids into YOUR day too… Let them hear you speak things into your life and then follow up with how things turned out!

For more information on The Legacy Experience projects Jeremy and Brooke Brown are creating to share generational stories, please click here and contact them today! What an INCREDIBLE gift to give your family!

Follow and connect with Jeremy and his team at Throne Publishing here:


We got this Encouragers!

Sep 10, 2018

Welcome back to Series 6 of The Encourager Podcast! Thank you SO MUCH for joining us and for allowing us a three week break during our busy summer show season! I’m kicking things off by telling you where we are now in our lives and will share some of my new favorite tips and tricks for getting things done!

Aug 13, 2018

Your “super skill” is the thing you can do at breakneck speeds, with high attention to detail, and feel on top of the world while doing it! It energizes you, even though you may go on doing this skill for hours on end without stopping. Listen in as I help you discover what your super skill is so you can maximize the joy and fulfillment you get from your work. It’s a life changer!

Aug 6, 2018

Before writing her first children’s book, My Favorite Job is You, Ashley worked in the high-stakes world of political fundraising. While she loved her career, she experienced a lot of mom-guilt and shame going back to work. Ashley’s balancing act with motherhood and her career led to this sweet book , which is an anthem for working moms everywhere and lets our little ones know that no matter what we do when we are away, being home is our favorite job!

Jul 30, 2018

I get asked frequently by other product-based business owners whether consignment or wholesale is right for them. In this episode, I lay out which businesses are best for each method and talk about my experience trying both with my company, Rebekah Scott Designs.

Jul 23, 2018

I recently read a book called “A Heart for Him” which details a mother’s journey through the loss of her infant daughter, Ivy. This “horribly beautiful” story hit home for me, as my family has been through the pain of losing my brother, Philip, to suicide 4 years ago (almost to the day that this episode airs).  I had the honor of speaking with the author, Anna Friese, and we both hope this episode brings you comfort and encourages you to trust God’s purpose and plan, even through devastating loss and heartache.

Jul 16, 2018

My favorite twin sister, Sarah, is back on the podcast to share her expert tips and favorite resources for preparing toddlers for kindergarten! Sarah is a junior kindergarten teacher and recently attended the Kindergarten Academy Conference and is excited to share what she learned with our listeners!

Jul 9, 2018

Building a company means wanting growth and profit but there are times when business ebbs and flows, and we need to think lean. As owner and designer of Rebekah Scott Designs, I have learned how to ride the waves and share my tips for thinking lean while still growing your company.

Jul 2, 2018

Nycol and I go WAY back (to my church camp days) and she’s someone I admire so much that I will occasionally ask myself, “What would Nycol do?” As a servant of God, wife, and mom of three girls, Nycol has constantly sought God’s purpose for her life and joins us to talk about the importance of creating margin, making investments in 5 important areas, what ministry looks like at home, and that not all purposes have a paycheck.

Jun 25, 2018

With a full-time job and 5 kiddos, Sarah Waltner is busy! Listen in as she shares how she does it all successfully and is creating a balanced and fun life for herself and her family!

Jun 18, 2018

Summer is here so all four of my chicks are in one basket! While I LOVE this, I tend to romanticize the first few weeks of summer break… I picture us all eating a big breakfast together, then the kids hold hands and skip in the yard. Then, reality hits! Listen in as I share what I did differently this summer and how I plan ahead so everyone (including me) has some fun!

Jun 11, 2018

Through her 1-year-old daughter’s cancerous brain tumor diagnosis, a move for their family, and several major career changes, farm wife, mother of 5, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and children’s pastor Angie Klock joins us to talk about the importance of surrendering, managing fear, and trusting in God’s plan.

Jun 4, 2018

We all have a LOT of roles to fill and no matter how efficient we are, we all only have 24 hours in a day. This is a constantly changing list, but here are my top 10 time saving tips at the moment.

May 28, 2018

Chiropractor and mom of three, Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister joins us to discuss diets, especially for kids, and how we can help control behavior issues and give ourselves and our families the best advantage by properly fueling with healthy foods.

May 21, 2018

An agreement is something you’ve told yourself that you now accept as truth... But it may not necessarily be true! AND it may be harming your subconscious. I want to challenge these truths and teach you how to recognize them, how to replace them, and how to take steps to make the new agreement true.

Apr 16, 2018

I am SO thrilled to be bringing you the 100th episode of The Encourager podcast! Thank you for listening and allowing me in to your life! I started this podcast because I have a special heart for moms and entrepreneurs and it’s grown far beyond that audience… for that I thank you! Today, I’m going to review the last 100 episodes and give you a list (of not quite 100 things) that I have learned, loved and used to help me succeed.

Apr 9, 2018

She’s baaaack! Tiffny Hagan with Virtual Office Advantage joins us to talk about how to organize all of the paper and email clutter in our lives. I can’t say this enough… I use her systems in my business and personal life EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t miss this episode!

Apr 2, 2018

Do you know how many teeth your kids have and when they grew in? Is the baby book,  photo album or scrapbook current with photos and notes from last week?  If you’re saying “yes” to these questions…. High five mama! If not, that’s okay because ME NEITHER! My friend Erin Geuke, who helps with the Encourager Facebook page, joins me to talk about systems for organizing photos, artwork and more!

Mar 26, 2018

Denita Dinger is back to talk to us about our addiction to screens and what we can do about the issue. Denita is the owner of Kaleidoscope Play School, education consultant, defender of play, and empower-er of teachers. Warning: this may make you uncomfortable because Denita is going to call us out about a few things but take heart, because she’s full of ideas and encouragement for us too!

Mar 19, 2018

The question I get asked most is, “How do you do it?” I have a lot of roles that I fill in my life (and I know you do too) and today, I’m going to tell you my secret for juggling everything and GETTING THINGS DONE.

Mar 12, 2018

One of our favorite guests, Denita Dinger, is back to talk to us about things we can do as parents to beat cabin fever and create adventurous opportunities for our kids! Denita is the owner of Kaleidoscope Play School, education consultant, defender of play, and empower-er of teachers. Warning: this may make you uncomfortable because Denita is going to call us out about a few things and give us the top 4 things we should tell ourselves as parents!

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