The Encourager with Rebekah Scott

Located on a farm in Valley Springs, South Dakota, Rebekah Scott’s studio keeps her rooted to her loves – both her purses and her four growing tots. By keeping her heart close to home, she’s been able to keep her home close to her heart. Rebekah’s team is a woven fabric of creative moms and women who desire to stay at home. Rebekah remains at the helm – designing purses, creating new accessories, and sewing bags, with little ones discovering near by. Rebekah’s entrepreneurial spirit flows naturally and contagiously from her heart. Rebekah organizes accountability groups for female entrepreneurs and shares inspirational videos to encourage women in their own desires. Toting a tot on one hip and a rocking purse on the other, Rebekah Scott is ready for life’s next project! Her latest adventure, The Encourager podcast, aims at encouraging other women, aspiring to create an income for their family while being an active parent in their children’s lives. Each episode will focus on the various aspects of Rebekah’s family and business life, how they coexist, how she stays sane, and how she finds joy in each day.
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Apr 27, 2017

My “food” system is the fourth in the series of four systems that help me stay on track in my personal life and my business. Thinking about what you and your family are going to eat can take up a lot of mental bandwidth so I recommend having a plan and will share what that looks like for me and my family.    

Apr 24, 2017

I have four systems that help me stay on track in my personal life and my business and my “work” system is the third in the series. As a mompreneur, I need to have a system in place for my business.  In this podcast, I discuss the four major methods that help keep my “work” system going. 

Apr 20, 2017

I have four systems that help me stay on track in my personal life and my business and my “family” system is the second in the series. Prioritizing my family over my business is so important to me. My “family” system involves values we instill in our children and six guidelines we follow as a family. I also touch on other factors like discipline, prayer and date night!

Apr 17, 2017

I have four systems that help me stay on track in my personal life and my business and the “me” system is the first in the series. Having a “me” system is important because it fills me up and helps me give my best to God, my family and my business. My “me” system involves self-love, confidence, beauty (inside and outside), God and Gratitude.

Apr 13, 2017

FREEDOM! That’s what most people think of when they hear “work from home.” While that can be true, too much freedom can also cause us fear because there isn’t a boss giving us parameters and our workday isn’t a typical 8 to 5 schedule. Working from home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are my top 3 secrets for simplifying working from home.   

Apr 10, 2017

The word “wise” has been coming up a lot in my life lately and it has made me think about the wise choices I’ve made in my life and in my business. While I know wisdom comes from above, I wanted to share this with you so you could reflect on the wisdom in your own life.

Apr 6, 2017

I have four small children and I work at home so people always ask me, “How do you do it?” I had to learn how to focus with small children present in my work environment and learn to work WITH my kids all while being productive! 

Apr 3, 2017

When it seems like you have a good rhythm to your work day, you might think “I may have time to take on more… should I do that?” Block out an hour or two to think on this idea and ask yourself some important questions.